Our founder's love for crafting, an admiration for beauty, and creative spirit are where it all begins.

With a background in graphic design and influence from past roles in a jewelry company, she artfully blends design into Snazzy Cosmetics brand concept.

Drawing inspiration from jewelry design, all makeup items are thoughtfully made to evoke the same sense of sophistication and uniqueness found in a finely designed piece of jewelry.


The choice of small-batch production provides us with the flexibility to experiment boldly – from unconventional colors to unique formulations and packaging. This enables us to offer incredible products and connect with people who appreciate diversity and individuality in beauty.



small-batch production

Deciding on small-batch production at Snazzy Cosmetics highlights our focus on making beauty products with heart. We go the extra mile in sourcing pigments and micas, ensuring they come from suppliers with ethical practices, steering clear of any materials from mines in India or South Africa. This allows us to guarantee the quality and integrity of our ingredients. We prioritize cleanliness and sterility, ensuring that each product meets our high standards. By producing in limited quantities, every Snazzy creation is of great quality and keeps us ahead in innovation.

While our beauty tools and cosmetic components are made in China, rest assured that all materials - including the bristles of our makeup brushes - are non-animal and cruelty-free.

what it means to be cruelty-free

It means no animals are involved in any part of the process – from development and manufacturing to hitting the shelves. We're serious about this – no testing on our finished products, and definitely no outsourcing to companies that do. We make sure to only use raw ingredients that are never tested on animals. We don't sell in places that make animal testing a must.

artisanal makeup

Your order goes beyond just a simple transaction, you're backing a passionate one-woman team. Being the driving force behind the brand, she puts her heart and soul into every creation, ensuring each item shows a commitment to quality and admiration for aesthetics.


Celebrating creativity and capturing the essence of nostalgia. Our makeup line is designed to inspire you, helping you express yourself and enhance your natural beauty. The best part? We firmly believe that beauty shouldn't come at the expense of our furry friends. That's why our products are entirely cruelty-free, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite looks with a clear conscience.